It's Josh!

Hello, I'm Josh and I want to work with you!

I'm a full snack developer who specializes in modern web technologies such as Node.js, React.js, React Native, Next.js,, Prisma, Tailwind CSS, PostgreSQL, Docker, Kubernetes and many other fantastic tools.

About me

With almost 20 years of full stack web development experience for global businesses, I offer the technical expertise you are seeking.

I started building websites in 1997 and it quickly grew to become my passion and career. I have built websites for myself as an internet marketer, and for clients such as John Deere, and Harley Davidson and many in between.

Known for creating robust, high quality web and mobile apps, my work has helped grow revenues, accelerate customer acquisition, increase web traffic and deliver an industry-leading competitive advantage.

As a developer focused on customer satisfaction, I manage all aspects of development from concept to requirements definition, design, development, launch, maintenance and support. I enjoy working closely with team members to produce high-quality deliverables.

What I am currently working on

Currently when I am not working on client work, I spend my time building products for my own company NiftyCo such as Makerlog which is a community of ~10,000 makers and indie hackers building products in public.

I also contribute heavily to open source either by releasing my own open source projects, or helping on existing open source that I use.

What people have said about me

I've worked with and corresponded with Josh remotely for several years, and am amazed at his expertise and ability to code solutions to complex problems, and his ability to pick up new technologies and languages very quickly. I consider myself a proficient coder, but I've gone to him for coding help when I've needed it, and have never been disappointed in his recommendations and assistance. He is a master of his craft, and would be a good fit for anyone needs an experienced senior developer to help their company.

- Justin Reeve, Senior Software Engineer @ FranklinCovey and Educational Technology Consultant

The independence and motivation exhibited by Josh is very impressive. His ability to put himself to a task and grind out production-ready code is one of his best traits.

Josh also exudes technical confidence, which helps him establish and maintain long-term professional relationships with colleagues who go to him for advice and code review. His interpersonal skills are quite strong as a result, and his patience with those who may not be as technologically inclined is a definite asset to a team or small business employer.

- Matthew Evans, Technical Architect @ Benevity

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